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Region 10 – Nord-du-Québec – Management Framework for Nunavik

Regional priority

Enhance Nunavik’s elders’ living conditions.

The regional priority is one of the issues presented in the Parnasimautik Consultation Report Ouverture d'un site externe dans une nouvelle fenêtre.

Amount available for 2018-2019

  • $440,029

Members of the Regional Project Selection Committee

Kativik Regional Government (KRG) Executive Committee will select the projects. Its members are presented here Ouverture d'un site externe dans une nouvelle fenêtre.

Regional management framework

Application for financial assistance

Project tabling periods

The call for proposals is continuous. Proposals must be received before December 31st in order to be approved before the next March 31st.

List of funded projects

To contact the regional direction of the MAMH

For more information about the FARR, contact the direction régionale du MAMH in your territory.